Tampnet Carrier and AFIBER Partner to Enhance Connectivity for Broadcasting and Media in Europe

Tampnet Carrier, a leading provider of high-capacity, low-latency connectivity in Northern Europe, has unveiled a new partnership with AFIBER, a Netherlands-based connectivity provider. Renowned for their high-quality and reliable services, both entities ensure customers along these new routes continue to benefit from top-notch services with unmatched uptime.

Amsterdam and Hilversum serve as crucial communication and interconnection hubs for the Entertainment, Media, and Broadcasting industries in Europe, with many transmitting data to key data centers worldwide. With clients such as RTL, Talpa, Zayo, Liberty Global, Red Bee Media, and others, AFIBER is the preferred network provider for solutions in high demand.

AFIBER clients gain direct access to Tampnet’s extensive and reliable North Sea and European networks, providing fast, reliable, and scalable connectivity throughout Europe, the UK, and the Nordic countries. AFIBER also gains access to Tampnet’s new NORFEST route, featuring the latest carbon-neutral data centers along the Norwegian coast.

This collaboration facilitates expansion in Northern Europe, addressing the rising market demand for broadcasting, streaming media, AI, and online gaming. By integrating Tampnet’s extensive networks with AFIBER’s robust Dutch optical network, the partnership ensures unparalleled service and uptime for customers requiring low latency and high availability via fully redundant routes.

Tampnet’s routes to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt, combined with AFIBER’s extensive and diverse network in the region, will add dozens of data centers to coverage, providing greater speed and scalability to meet the growing demand for point-to-point connectivity with specific requirements for media, broadcasting, streaming, and CDN applications. Visit tampnet.com for more information.

Cato Lammenes, Vice President of Tampnet Carrier, remarked, “Collaborating with AFIBER is not just strategic; it sets new standards in connectivity solutions for broadcasting and media companies across Europe. Our partnership reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional connectivity solutions. Together, we will build solutions, eliminate downtime, and enable customers to thrive.”

Tampnet Carrier’s coverage in Europe will expand with over 25 data centers added in the Netherlands through this collaboration, including Iron Mountain, Equinix, InterXion/Digital Realty, NorthC Datacenters, and Cellnex data centers, including Hilversum Media Gateway.

Tampnet Carrier

“We are excited about partnering with Tampnet to provide connectivity solutions internationally. Our shared vision for seamless, redundant connectivity aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of the industry, especially in an era of rapid digital content consumption growth. This partnership ensures our customers not only experience reliable and scalable connectivity but also benefit from our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital telecommunications.” said Jochem de Gruyter, CEO of AFIBER.

Tampnet Carrier, a subsidiary of Tampnet, the largest offshore network provider, handles over 30% of data traffic to the Nordic countries. Operating since 2001, Tampnet is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. Tampnet Carrier’s solutions are based on the company’s core principles: availability, quality, and security. The unique network routes traverse 8 countries, connecting over 40 data centers in Europe and the United States.

For more information on this partnership or interest in combining Tampnet and AFIBER coverage and services, contact Olivier ten Wolde or call +31 20 225 002.

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