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More and more organizations are using cloud services. Our dedicated Cloud Connect connection is completely separated from the regular internet and that means no nuisance from other data traffic over this connection.

AFIBER can offer guaranteed specifications for Cloud Connect in relation to availability, latency and bandwidths. Connections with all known cloud providers are possible.

"AFIBER ensures that our cloud applications achieve maximum accessibility and performance."
Martijn Fonkert
Managing Director EMEA - NewPower

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What are the benefits of our Cloud Connect services?

AFIBER offers different guaranteed specifications. Upgrading to a higher bandwidth is always possible.

AFIBER provides 1-100Gbps direct connections to all major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud.

AFIBER offers various interfacing options for connecting to the cloud service of your choice.

AFIBER actively monitors the network, if necessary the traffic will take a different route when a redundant configuration is required.

AFIBER offers a standard availability of >99.5%, it’s  possible to achieve higher availability through a redundant solution.

AFIBER offers standard speeds from 1-10 Gbps.

AFIBER will keep you informed of all steps in the implementation process after signing the agreement. The delivery date is stated in the service order.

AFIBER delivers clear communication without misunderstandings and vague promises. You can expect clear communication from us both in the quotation phase and upon delivery. This also applies after delivery of the connection.


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