Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber connections are suitable for linking ICT infrastructures on multiple locations. Advantages are the low attenuation and low latency. With Dark Fiber you take care of the optical transmission of the glass fiber yourself.

AFIBER delivers Dark Fiber for connecting office locations, branches, data centers and internet nodes.

We offer Dark Fiber throughout the Netherlands. Our own fiber optic network connects the most important data centers and various regional and national fiber optic networks. This makes it possible to bundle different routes more efficiently with optional redundant paths.

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"AFIBER has successfully delivered our connection over Dark Fiber and we look forward to expanding new locations together."
Marco Gorter
Managing Partner - OPNT

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What are the advantages of our Dark Fiber connections?

Dark Fiber offers full control of the optical spectrum and transmission protocols. Your equipment provides end-to-control of the light path.

AFIBER offers various interfacing options for connecting the Dark Fiber to your equipment.

AFIBER will keep you informed of all steps in the implementation process after signing the agreement. The delivery date is stated in the service order.

AFIBER delivers clear communication without misunderstandings and vague promises. You can expect clear communication from us both in the quotation phase and upon delivery. This also applies after delivery of the connection.


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