AFIBER provides high-quality Ethernet services (E-line / Ethernet Private Line / EPL) to establish connectivity between headquarters, branches and data centers. The bitrate for ethernet is 1-100Gbps.

Ethernet is a layer 2 point-to-point service delivered over both fiber and equipment dedicated to a single customer – providing maximum security. In addition, customers can choose the fiber optic path over which their private Ethernet network is routed, providing maximum flexibility.

We offer ethernet services throughout the Netherlands. Our own fiber optic network is connected to the main regional and national fiber optic networks to link your locations. International Ethernet connections can also be connected.

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"AFIBER is our partner for high capacity connections between different locations."
Jeroen Wisse
Comsave - Carrier Relations Manager

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What are the advantages of an ethernet connection via AFIBER?

AFIBER offers standard speeds of 1-100 Gbps. Higher speeds are possible on request.

AFIBER has deployed high grade network infrastructure and equipment, ideal for organizations that work with business-critical applications that require low latency.

AFIBER offers a standard availability of >99.5%, it’s  possible to achieve higher availability through a redundant solution.

AFIBER can quickly detect and resolve faults due to the double network monitoring (Ethernet and fiber optic).

AFIBER offers 1:1 non-overbooked connections with MTU size> 1522 including Q-in-Q support.

AFIBER will keep you informed of all steps in the implementation process after signing the agreement. The delivery date is stated in the service order.

AFIBER delivers clear communication without misunderstandings and vague promises. You can expect clear communication from us both in the quotation phase and upon delivery. This also applies after delivery of the connection.


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AFIBER delivers reliable, high-capacity connectivity for mission-critical applications.