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AFIBER is the ideal partner for service providers who want to provide their customers with connectivity.

We provide reliable networks for IT service providers based on the Internet, Ethernet, Dark fiber and Wavelength. Based on strict specifications and SLA, AFIBER supplies the connection that your client needs.

Customers appreciate our dedicated support in design and delivery of the best solution.
Peter Ariens
Senior Account Manager - AFIBER

Why is AFIBER the ideal partner?

AFIBER employs highly trained experts with years of experience in the field of connectivity and network solutions for companies. Our team has a lot of practical experience who have earned their spurs with the well-known telecom and internet providers in recent years.

AFIBER is much more than a supplier of fiber optic connections. Thanks to knowledge and experience in the field of design, construction and management, AFIBER is uniquely able to offer the best connections with high reliability.

AFIBER offers customers coverage throughout the Netherlands and our own fiber optic network is connected to the most important data centers and various regional and national fiber optic networks. This enables us to link high-quality connections across multiple carriers. In addition to national coverage, international carriers and connections can also be picked up and connected from various locations.

At AFIBER you will have your own customer team, which supports you with challenges in the field of design, delivery and management of your networks. If you call with a question or problem, you will immediately get an expert employee on the phone.

After design and placing an order, AFIBER will keep you informed of the status of your order delivery. The implementation specialists discuss the lead delivery times.

AFIBER has its own optical transport network that can establish links with other networks at the largest interconnection points. Through these links AFIBER can provide a reliable connection in all regions in the Netherlands and a large number of PoPs and locations in Europe.

AFIBER is transparent about the technology behind the solutions, such as routes, nodes and equipment. We will keep you informed of all phases in the delivery process.

AFIBER operates independently and is not part of a larger international organization. This ensures that customers receive independent and objective advice. This guarantees a network design that fully meets your business requirements.

AFIBER has full control over the connections through access to all network parts of both our own network and partner networks.

AFIBER offers an end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA) that meets the highest requirements. The reason that many renowned organizations choose AFIBER as their connectivity partner.

AFIBER operates completely independently and is not associated to any specific cloud provider or ICT service provider. AFIBER enables you to separate network and services so that you have the best connection with the freedom and flexibility of choosing your preferred ICT service providers.

"At Blackgate Telecom, our customers expect the best VoIP and telecom services with smooth delivery processes and a personal approach. Challenging deadlines are common every day, so we work with flexible and strong partners to 'make things possible'. Together with AFIBER we are has been able to deliver high-quality connectivity in one of the most difficult office locations within a very short time frame for one of the largest travel portals. ”
Owner and CEO
Blackgate Telecom


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