Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) offers high-quality connectivity to office locations and data centers of your choice. WDM has very high bandwidth, low latency and supports multiple protocols.

AFIBER provides active and passive WDM in different modes from 1 to 200Gbps.

In addition, our flexgrid spectrum services also offer mixed channel sizes in 12.5 GHz steps and can accommodate existing 100 Gbps services, 400 Gbps (12 × 12.5 GHz) and 1 Tbps bandwidth.

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High performance DWDM connection with Ethernet interfaces (1310nm) at speeds of 1, 10, 40 and 100Gbps. Transparent for Ethernet, low latency, 100% throughput, highly reliable and extremely cost-effective compared to carrier Ethernet services. High-availability options include predefined redundancy paths, dynamic redundancy paths and 1+1 redundancy.

Unlit Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) connection with amplification. Supports DWDM channels of 10, 100 and 200Gbps. High-availability options include pre-defined redundancy paths and 1+1 redundancy.

Lit Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) connection with optional signal regeneration and/or transponding. Offers a variety of interfaces including up to 200Gbps DWDM, up to 100GbE, Fiber Channel and SDH. High-availability options include pre-defined redundancy paths, dynamic redundancy paths and 1+1 redundancy.

WDM connection properties:

• Low latency of <1 msec. per 100 km
• Supports various protocols such as Ethernet, SDH, Fiber Channel, HD / SDI video and Modbus
• Option for encryption without additional delay or influence on bandwidth

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“AFIBER provides connectivity for our TV distribution. I appreciate the involvement in the design and delivery phase and would like to thank them for their contribution to improving our services."
Frank van der Klauw,
Technical Manager TV - Youfone

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What are the benefits of Wavelength connections from AFIBER?

Connections based on WDM have a very high bandwidth and low latency.

AFIBER offers different guaranteed bandwidths. Upgrading to a higher bandwidth is always possible.

WDM connections support multiple protocols simultaneously, this makes the connection flexible in use.

AFIBER offers a standard availability of >99.5%, it’s possible to achieve higher availability through a redundant solution.

AFIBER offers standard speeds from 1-200 Gbps. Higher speed interfaces are possible on request.

AFIBER will keep you informed of all steps in the implementation process after signing the agreement. The delivery date is stated in the service order.

AFIBER delivers clear communication without misunderstandings and vague promises. You can expect clear communication from us both in the quotation phase and upon delivery. This also applies after delivery of the connection.


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