Meet our team at Capacity Europe in London

Capacity Europe is the continent’s largest event for global network providers and infrastructure operators, with more than 3,000 participants from 1,000 companies. The entire connectivity landscape comes together, including network operators, data centers, cloud providers, satellite operators, hyperscalers, content providers, and more, to negotiate new deals, reinforce partnerships, and make new connections.

In an increasingly interconnected landscape, the core of successful digital transformation lies in robust, secure, and efficient network connectivity. As companies transition to complex multi-cloud environments and data-driven models, it’s not so much a matter of whether one should adapt, but rather how one can effectively adapt. The answer often boils down to the choice of your connectivity partner. With this vision, we are excited to announce our participation in Capacity Europe 2023, the continent’s largest gathering of global connectivity enablers and infrastructure operators.

Capacity Europe is a valued platform for the connectivity sector and serves as the hub for more than 3,000 participants from 1,000 companies. The conference attracts a diverse audience, including network operators, data centers, cloud providers, satellite operators, hyperscalers, content providers, and more. Led by C-level executives, the conference brings new ideas to life, strengthens partnerships, and paves the way for the next generation of European networks. For more information about the event, visit Capacity Europe 2023.

As a specialist in fiber-optic networks, AFIBER is always at the forefront of delivering unparalleled customized network solutions for large business customers and IT service providers. Our strength lies in leveraging technology and connectivity efficiency to facilitate high-performance data transport across various domains, be it organizations, data centers, or customer locations. Our focus is on high quality and future-proof solutions, which makes us highly interested in the core themes discussed during this conference.

  • Technological Innovation: The convergence of connectivity and cloud technology perfectly aligns with our services.
  • Talent Development: Attracting and retaining talent is essential for our growth strategy and delivering exceptional services to our customers.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Our customers benefit the most when we can efficiently collaborate with other service providers and technology partners.


Capacity 2023

Meet us at Capacity Europe from October 17-19 in London and experience for yourself how AFIBER’s extensive range of services can elevate your network performance to unprecedented heights. We look forward to fruitful discussions and potential collaborations to chart a roadmap for a digitally interconnected future. To schedule an appointment with our team at Capacity Europe, please contact Dennis de Vries or call 020 225 0025.

About Afiber
Afiber is an independent provider of fiber optic connectivity for business customers and service providers. We help organizations with the delivery and management of high-quality networks between branches, data centers, cloud providers, and providers of network and IT services.

Afiber offers business customers fiber optic coverage in a large part of the Netherlands. This fiber optic network is connected to the main data centers and various regional and national fiber optic networks. This enables us to make an independent choice for our customers for the right connectivity for your company network.