Dutch ISP Freedom Internet expands capacity with AFIBER

Freedom Internet has been the independent internet provider in The Netherlands since 2020. Freedom provides internet, telephony, television and hosting services for individuals and businesses. Due to their rapid growth, AFIBER has delivered a high-performance fiber ring that connects Freedom Internet’s network and systems between three major network nodes.

With its high-quality fiber optic network, AFIBER has delivered an east and west route with which redundant connections between locations and data centers of Cellnex and Equinix have been realized. Freedom’s internet traffic and backend systems have a high availability as a result. In addition, this configuration enables Freedom to independently manage and expand capacity with further growth in customers and data traffic.

Anco Scholte ter Horst, managing director at Freedom Internet
Freedom will fight for a safe and free internet, so that everyone can communicate freely. And accessible to everyone and in principle without restriction by government, company, computer system or person. Enthusiastic, reliable and expert people with a heart for a better internet work at Freedom. For a better internet you also need solid network connections. To connect our systems redundantly, we opted for a fiber optic ring from AFIBER because they not only provide high-quality network connections, but also because they stand for a safe, free and open internet. A very pleasant partner to work with!”

Freedom once arose out of dissatisfaction with plans to discontinue XS4ALL and Freedom Internet is quickly conquering a place in various top-10 lists. Last year they became first in the test of the ‘Best all-in-1 provider’ of the Consumers’ Association. Freedom considers ‘view-free’ internet access with the protection of user privacy of paramount importance. The provider does not sell data to third parties to map the e-mail or internet behavior of users for profiling, marketing or advertising.

Freedom focuses on both technical users, who have a little more knowledge and specific requirements for connection, and customers who value privacy and are aware of data and its protection. In addition, Freedom has many customers who simply get a direct and good answer to support and technical questions.

Freedom is owned by Stichting Appeltaart, a foundation that aims to keep Freedom on the right course with regard to freedom, privacy and quality. This must be apparent from, among other things, minimal logging and storage of data, the use of encryption and VPNs. For more information about the services and possibilities of Freedom Internet, visit freedom.nl

Freedom Internet

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