Dark fiber for ICT partners with business customers

In and around the Randstad, amidst the flourishing trade centers and digital innovation, lies a powerful source of connectivity – dark fiber, connected to the most important office buildings and data centers. At Afiber we not only lay fibers, we also have specific options and conditions for our ICT partners.

Today’s network infrastructure goes beyond connectivity. For Network Service Providers (NSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), it is imperative not just to connect, but to create robust, scalable, and seamless networks that drive businesses forward. Afiber leads the way in offering superior dark fiber solutions that form the backbone of the infrastructure of our ICT and cloud partners.

The unique value of our working method lies in our in-depth industry knowledge and our dedication to customization. Our solutions are certainly not always standard; they are precision designed and delivered to meet the specific requirements of your own network or those of critical customer and end-user operations. Our expertise lies not just in providing connectivity, but in understanding the complexity of network relationships, to ensure that the solutions we implement are as dynamic and complex as the needs they serve.

Our USPs for ICT service providers, MSPs and NSPs

  1. Deep business knowledge: We understand the complexities and nuances of networking.
  2. Customized Service: Whether it concerns your own network needs or a customer-oriented solution, our services are based on streamlined design, delivery and maintenance.
  3. Customer-centric Implementation: We implement mission-critical networks that integrate seamlessly with existing and future infrastructure.


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Designed for demanding applications

Our services are characterized by personalization. We recognize that no two organizations or network needs are alike, and our offerings are designed to tailor to the unique contours of each partner’s requirements. This tailor-made approach ensures solutions that are not only performance-oriented but also seamlessly integrated with both existing and future infrastructure elements.

Our dark fiber networks are designed based on efficient routes, strict security and built-in redundancy, all in line with predetermined specifications. We provide clear, predictable timelines and costs so our partners can plan and execute their projects with confidence. Openness is not an option; it is our promise to you. No hidden costs, no last-minute surprises – just high-quality, reliable service level agreements (SLAs) you can trust.

Thanks to our excellent relationships with municipalities and contractors, we facilitate obtaining the correct construction permits for fiber networks with ease. We take the burden from our partners in managing all network aspects in design, delivery and maintenance, backed by our expert support.

We don’t just own our fiber optic network; we also have excellent relationships with Verizon, Colt and other leading fiber partners. This allows us to combine the best networks for our projects and customers, resulting in an infrastructure that is truly tailored to the needs of the modern digital enterprise, based on our connections to more than 50 data centers directly accessible from all main office locations in the Randstad based on dark fiber.

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Working together on growth and innovation

We are more than just a service provider; we are partners in innovation. Afiber is looking to collaborate with forward-thinking organizations to discuss how our dark fiber services can not only support customer projects, but also strengthen backbone infrastructures. We are committed to leading our partners into the future of connectivity, empowering them to use our networks to unlock new opportunities for growth and advancement.

Our advantages:

  • Custom solutions: Designed to meet specific organizational and network requirements.
  • High Performance: Low latency, high security, and redundancy according to predefined specifications.
  • Timely andPredictable: We are transparent and honest about delivery times and costs.
  • Open and Transparent: Standard with us, no hidden costs and high-quality SLA.


Ready to discover how Afiber’s dark fiber solutions can benefit your business? Our specific purchasing terms for partners serving large enterprises are designed to give you an edge in a competitive marketplace. For more information about how we can contribute to the success of your customer projects and backbone infrastructure, please contact Dennis de Vries at dennis.de.vries@afiber.net.

About Afiber
Afiber is an independent provider of fiber optic connectivity for business customers and service providers. We help organizations with the delivery and management of high-quality networks between branches, data centers, cloud providers, and providers of network and IT services.