Red Bee Media selects AFIBER for parliamentary media transmission

On behalf of Red Bee Media, AFIBER has, connected the “Logement van Amsterdam” in The Hague to its fibre-optic network to transport audio and video media from The Hague to Hilversum Media Gateway.

AFIBER verzorgt het transport van parlementaire media streams vanuit Den Haag

These audio and video streams are recorded in and around parliament, during interviews with members of parliament, debates, and plenary meetings, and subsequently collected in the media hub at the Plein.

From this location, AFIBER transmits the media streams over its fibre optic network to the Cellnex Media Gateway in Hilversum so that this content can undergo the next steps in media production, such as the addition of commentary, studio image and sound. When the production is complete, it is distributed to radio, TV and the Internet.

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Red Bee Media selected AFIBER for the design, delivery and management of the connections that carry these media streams. These so called managed wavelength connections ensure blistering fast and highly secure transmissions while offering high throughput and reliability.

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Marcel Honders, Team Manager Technical Support at Red Bee Media: “I have experienced the cooperation with AFIBER as very pleasant! During the on-site inspection, I got to know the people at AFIBER as a team with professional enthusiasm for the business. Reliable audio and video media transmission is crucial for the quality of our services. Service disruptions can have a major impact on our customers, including radio/TV stations and their viewers and listeners. Any malfunctions would impose significant stress on our engineering team. However, AFIBER’s connection has been working since delivery without interruptions and variations in throughput or delay, even under full load. That is exactly what we need.”

Of course, Prinsjesdag is the highlight of the year. On the third Tuesday of September, millions of viewers traditionally follow the King’s speech and the presentation of the country’s budget and finance bill.

AFIBER verzorgt het transport van parlementaire media streams vanuit Den Haag

The connection was already in use last Prinsjesdag and has served as a reliable highway for media traffic to Hilversum without any incidents.

Thomas Visscher, Commercial Director at AFIBER: “This was, of course, a very inspiring assignment for AFIBER! It is a wonderful opportunity, as a young company, to contribute to the essential role that the news media fulfils in our society. The Red Bee Media team had full confidence in our expertise early on, and I am very grateful to them for selecting AFIBER.”

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AFIBER levert Red Bee Media transport van parlementaire media