AFIBER delivers network to OpenFiber

Internet provider OpenFiber was founded in 2012. This provider with its roots in Delft focuses mainly on realizing and maintaining Internet connections based on fiber optics to student houses and offering Gigabit Internet.

“Large parties such as KPN more or less ignored the city when rolling out fiber optic. We gratefully responded to that”, says director Kasper Schoonman. “The choice to start with our network in the student city of Delft was simple. Everyone at OpenFiber has a thing for Delft: born or studied.”

OpenFiber has now connected thousands of households and student residences in the Randstad, including in Delft, Rijswijk, The Hague and Utrecht.

“The growth of our network takes place, among other things, around existing buildings, where we mainly focus on new, connecting high-rise buildings. This way we can easily provide all homes with an internet connection.” If you want, you can also purchase television and fixed telephony from OpenFiber.

OpenFiber distinguishes itself from traditional cable companies and telecom providers with a combination of competitive (connection) rates and high speeds.

“We mainly focus on the larger high-rise complexes, say a hundred homes or more. The connection costs per home are then considerably lower than if, for example, we had to connect a farm somewhere in a rural area. We use AFIBER’s fiber optic network very efficiently to realize fast connections between the buildings, data centers and the internet in the Randstad.”

Hans Postmus, Account Director AFIBER:

“We are very happy with the partnership we have with OpenFiber. After all, fast reliable internet is indispensable in these times, especially for our students. Distance learning is an indispensable part of today’s world. Desk research, looking up background information in online scientific sources, downloading, uploading and of course googling, everything is about the Internet. Also, the submission of reports by the students from the student house to the University is often completely digital, whereby video editing and (graphic) files require a lot of bandwidth. In order to optimally support OpenFiber, AFIBER supplies the primary connections over its fiber optic network in the Randstad.
As soon as former business premises are made suitable for student housing, we look together with OpenFber at the feasibility and timing of providing fiber optic connections.”

For more information about the possibilities of collaborating with AFIBER or for a further explanation of our services, please contact our advisors Olivier ten Wolde ( or Hans Postmus ( , telephone +31 (0) 20225 0025.

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