Encrypting your network

Is your Office and Data Center network compliant with security and legal requirements? It is now easier and more economical than ever to attain the best performance and security through Layer-1 optical encryption.

Modern companies, government agencies, network operators, and service providers rely on business-critical data transport. Data is the lifeblood of your business. It must be accessible across your business to power business applications and services to end-customers. Data must also be replicated across multiple locations for business continuity and disaster recovery plans.


With the increasing value of confidential data generated and transmitted across networks, network operators must secure their networks to protect in-flight data and guard against network intrusions. However, data security at Layer-2/3 are often more expensive and difficult to scale and affects performance by adding significant latency across your network.



It is essential that you protect data from eavesdropping, theft, and corruption, as it flows along the connections between your corporate locations and data centers. It is now easier and more economical than ever to attain the needed performance and security through optical networking, secured by optical encryption.


AFIBER’s encrypted EthernetWAVE services provide 24×7 in-flight data protection between data centers and your business locations, ensuring 100% security compliance with high performance.




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AFIBER empowers clients with software controlled, network-independent optical transmission services. We operate fiber networks with elastic optical transmission capabilities. Our clients range from national SMB’s to global enterprises with over $100bn in yearly revenues.


AFIBER services are built on the company’s core strength: leveraging technology and connectivity efficiencies to allow customers integrate, distribute and manage high performance data transport across organizations, data centers and customers more effectively.


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