NewPower Worldwide selects AFIBER

NewPower Worldwide is expert in sourcing, procurement and distribution of electronic components for the aerospace and military industry. AFIBER provides connectivity between the EMEA headquarters, data center and cloud infrastructure.

NewPower Worldwide is a leading global independent distributor of electronic components and finished goods with global revenues of $252.2 million in 2018. They provide a wide range of services to a diversified client base that includes some of the world’s largest OEMs, Military and Aerospace, Distributors and Global Service Facilities. Typical products and services contain hardware and electronic equipment including:


  • Computer Products and Peripherals
  • CPUs, GPUs, Memory, Storage, HDD-SSD
  • Semiconductors and Chipsets
  • Hardware and Network equipment


All asset, customer and services data is stored electronically propriety systems and are accessible to every global department with a simple click and these processes are based on certified industry standards and enhanced by years of accumulating knowledge, visit NewPower Worldwide for more information.


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Martijn Fonkert – Managing Director EMEA NewPower Worldwide
“Uninterrupted connectivity is the lifeline of our organization, systems and partners. As we were planning to move offices, AFIBER has supported us in making a site assessment for the new location to compare various providers of xDSL and internet services. We used to have various issues with the stability and latency of our previous provider, leading to buggy Voice/Voip services and slow application performance. Based on the AFIBER fiber network that was available in our building, we have adopted their 1 Gigabit AccessWAVE from our new EMEA headquarters directly to Iron Mountain Data Centers in Amsterdam Area as well as integrating 500Mbps enterprise internet services from Fusix. Since AFIBER has delivered new connectivity, our applications, voice and internet performance has significantly increased, making sure our teams experience maximum efficiency and cooperation with customers and partners all around the world.”

AFIBER has delivered gigabit fiber optical connectivity to the NewPower EMEA headquarters with low latency access to their Data Center, ISP provider and IT infrastructure.


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AFIBER empowers clients with software controlled, network-independent optical transmission services. We operate fiber networks with elastic optical transmission capabilities. Our clients range from national SMB’s to global enterprises with over $15bn in yearly revenues.


AFIBER services are built on the company’s core strength: leveraging technology and connectivity efficiencies to allow customers integrate, distribute and manage high performance data transport across organizations, data centers and customers more effectively.


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