Customer case – Bakker & Spees

Bakker & Spees delivers software solutions for the management of complex projects in the building and construction industry. The software is quickly becoming an industry best practice as it enables a structured workflow in projects and bids.

Customers include national commercial, government organizations and includes more than 900 organizations in the civil engineering, road and hydraulic engineering sectors, including Strukton Rail, BAM, Dura Vermeer, Boskalis, ProRail and many government customers.




Bakker & Spees’ have made their software suite available in an “as a service” model. Customer data is stored, secured, backed up and always available. For more information visit Bakker & Spees.


Gé Spees – Founder at Bakker & Spees
“Our clients have extremely high expectations of our services, including smooth delivery and a personal approach. Together with Fusix and AFIBER we’ve been able to deploy enterprise grade connectivity between our office locations and data centers, assuring our operations and customers can rely on high performance on our network and applications. I am very pleased with this project and the cooperation with Fusix and AFIBER that resulted in an improved, future-proof solution. ”

Customer request

Bakker & Spees initially used cloud services as underlayment, but their product outgrew the cloud service proposition. A renewed enterprise grade hybrid approach was required to overcome scalability and performance restrictions.


Network Upgrade

Bakker & Spees made the strategic decision to take full control of the security, management and cost of the customers’ user experience. Fusix and AFIBER translated Bakker & Spees’ strategic decision into a custom network solution;


  • A technical design for an IP network that can be managed and controlled by Bakker & Spees while relying on 24/7 stand-by assistance from the Fusix NOC.
  • Private fiber optic connectivity between Bakker & Spees headquarters in downtown Amsterdam to their data center locations, delivered by AFIBER.



Building the Solution

Stage 1: Select two data centers that meet the hosting requirements for the IT infrastructure, as recommended by Fusix;


Stage 2: Connect the Bakker & Spees office in Amsterdam to the IT environments hosted in their data centers connected with private managed dark fiber by AFIBER;


Stage 3: Deliver a fixed fee consultancy and integration project to connect all products and services into one working solution:


  • Dedicated connections between the office and the data centers;
  • A dedicated point-to-point link between the IT environments hosted in the data centers;
  • Designed and build of the IP network on top of these physical links, including BGP routing policies for the network’s connections to the public Internet, network equipment and hands-on deployment of the physical infrastructure.




  • Bakker & Spees IT team has full control over the user experience of the Bakker & Spees customers connecting to the SaaS infrastructure;
  • Fusix provides 24/7 stand-by assistance with guaranteed response times, in case a troubleshooting of a professional NOC is needed;
  • The Bakker & Spees IP network is connected to the global Internet using its own routing policies, independently from the routing decisions of its IP transit providers;
  • Baker & Spees’ internal data stays within the physical and the IP networks that are under direct control of the Bakker & Spees IT team;



  • Single technical point of contact for all connectivity questions at all the IT locations, including the office, the data centers, the private and the public connections;
  • Fusix NOC is on 24/7 standby in case urgent professional networking assistance is required for managing or for troubleshooting of the Bakker & Spees network;
  • Due to a close partnership between AFIBER (physical layer) and Fusix (IP connectivity), troubleshooting on the Bakker & Spees network will be fast and efficient.


AFIBER has delivered fiber optical connectivity to the Bakker en Spees headquarters with low latency access to their Data Center, ISP provider and IT infrastructure. Interested in high bandwidth and low latency optical connectivity to your business site, office, cloud or data center? Get in touch with our sales engineers at or +31(0)20 225 0025



AFIBER empowers clients with software controlled, network-independent optical transmission services. We operate fiber networks with elastic optical transmission capabilities. Our clients range from national SMB’s to global enterprises with over $15bn in yearly revenues.


AFIBER services are built on the company’s core strength: leveraging technology and connectivity efficiencies to allow customers integrate, distribute and manage high performance data transport across organizations, data centers and customers more effectively.


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