AFIBER supports Smart City platform

Amsterdam Smart City is a unique partnership between companies, governments, knowledge institutions and the people of Amsterdam. AFIBER offers low latency high speed data transport for Smart City projects.

A Smart City is a city where social and technological infrastructures and solutions facilitate and accelerate sustainable economic growth. This improves the quality of life in the city for everyone. Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) believes in a habitable city where it is pleasant to both live and work.


In six years ASC has grown into a platform with over 100 partners, which are involved in more than 90 innovative projects. ASC is continuously looking for innovators to contribute to their shared ambitions and themes.


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AFIBER empowers clients with software controlled, network-independent optical transmission services. We operate fiber networks with elastic optical transmission capabilities. Clients range from national SMB’s to global enterprises with over $100bn in yearly revenues.


The company’s strength – delivering mission critical connectivity, optical networking and implementing innovative technology, quickly and accurately – is at the core of the company.


AFIBER services are build on the company’s core strength: leveraging technology and connectivity efficienciesto allow customers integrate, distribute and manage high performance data transport across organizations, data centers and customers more effectively.


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