1 Gigabit services launched at ITW

Our 10-100 Gigabit EthernetWAVE services deliver high performance connections between customers, cloud and network service providers. This service has been extended with a 1 Gigabit sibling that shares the same benefits as its 10-100G versions.

EthernetWAVE is an optical transmission service with Ethernet interfaces to your equipment, designed for high performance and highly reliable data center to data center connectivity.


Due to its specifications, EthernetWAVE can meet the most stringent application and network requirements.


EthernetWAVE properties


  • High performance DWDM connection with Ethernet interfaces (1310nm) to your equipment


  • Bitrate of 1, 10, 40 and 100 Gigabits per second


  • Transparent for Ethernet, 100% throughput and latency numbers generally 50% less than regular Ethernet or IP services.


  • Highly reliable and extremely economical compared to regular Ethernet services


  • Supports Jumbo frames, dot1.q trunking, Q-in-Q tunneling and MPLS


  • Flexible to custom designs to meet specific demands for encryption, high-availability designs and specific geographical paths.


EthernetWAVE services handheld


EthernetWAVE can be configured online for standard data center locations.


1G 1


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