AFIBER expands maincubes services

AFIBER has expanded its services in maincubes data center located in Schiphol-Rijk, part of the Amsterdam metro area. Network and IT service providers can now tap into AFIBER’s optical transmission services to reach maincubes customers.

With AFIBER’s services, maincubes can now meet the high capacity connectivity demands of its customers, ranging from 1Gbps to 100Gbps multiples, while reducing average transmission latency by more than 50 percent compared to IP and Ethernet services. Cyber security solutions include cost-effective end-to-end optical encryption of high capacity network connections without impacting latency or throughput.


Thomas Visscher, Commercial Director at AFIBER
“By adding maincubes to our network, we are basically fulfilling two types of demand. Firstly, from the enterprises within maincubes that need a high level of security and performance from their connectivity, and, secondly, from our network service provider partners that see a great opportunity in offering their networking and IT services in a recently opened datacenter from a major datacenter brand.”

The following AFIBER services are available at the maincubes AMS01 facility:


  • EthernetWAVE
    Managed wavelength connection with 1-100GbE interfaces to customer equipment with optional encryption capabilities.


  • CarrierWAVE
    Dark wavelength lit by customer equipment with DWDM or CWDM transceivers.


  • MetroFIBER
    Dark fiber connection lit by customer equipment.


  • AccessWAVE
    1-10Gb private wavelength connection from customer office location to maincubes cabinet.


Joris te Lintelo, Director at maincubes Amsterdam
“The AFIBER Optical Connectivity Platform further strengthens maincubes’ German-engineered approach towards deploying highly secured and innovative data centers across Europe. As a data center operator with German roots, we don’t like to take any risks with regards to the maincubes data center designs including our connectivity offerings. This agreement with AFIBER further expands our international connectivity portfolio while enhancing the network performance and security options for our enterprise customers. It also provides colocation customers such as managed service providers the opportunity to easily establish low latency and secure connections with their clients. The benefits to our top-end customers are in line with our German-engineered approach: superior networking quality and flexibility added to our advanced colocation features; fast network setup; self-control for network operations; and highly scalable network services – with a personal customer driven approach that will help optimize our customers’ business and investment case.”

maincubes is part of German construction conglomerate Zech Group and headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Its current data center locations include Frankfurt, Germany and Amsterdam Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands. The group has planned a roll-out of large-scale, redundantly engineered and highly secured data centers across Europe. Visit the maincubes Amsterdam website at maincubes.


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