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Dark fiber between your optical network equipment

We deliver single and redundant fiber connections to data centers, customer locations and carrier interconnects. The core of our network in Dutch Metro areas provides access to data centers, network carriers and office locations.

  • Metro Fiber Standard
    Dark fiber between data centers delivered in a few days.


  • Metro Fiber Individual
    Dark fiber connection with a route tailored exactly to your needs.


  • Metro Fiber to the Office
    Dark fiber connection between office locations and data centers.


  • Metro Fiber Carrier
    Dark fiber connection on nx12-pair or dedicated nx192s cable over tailored routes and flexible splice-in locations.


Marco Gorter – Managing Partner at OPNT
“With the growing concern of governments and legislators about the vulnerability and overreliance on GPS timing, mobile operators as well as companies in financial, energy and security industries or government can now move to a GPS-independent time information provider with sub-nanosecond network accuracy over distances many hundreds of kilometers. For one of our major clients, we were looking for a suitable location for a new network node and fiber-optic connectivity to it. AFIBER took on our challenging requirements on the fiber route, costs and delivery time, and found a fitting solution based on their expertise with the Dutch fiber networks and data centers. Recently the AFIBER services were delivered to our engineering team much to our satisfaction and we are looking forward rolling out our services in existing and new markets.”


  • Flexible, open, solution-oriented approach
  • High level of automation: progress swiftly from request to quote to service order
  • Quick delivery times: 2-5 business days for routes available from stock
  • Easy evaluation – all quotations include geographic paths and technical specifications
  • We keep “data center stops” to a minimum to prevent degradation of technical specs and reduce outage risks
  • Optional data center cross connects avoid delivery and outage resolution issues


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From single connections to your office to diverse private fiber connectivity, we fulfill any demanding requirement.

For more information please contact sales@afiber.net

If your network requires wavelength connectivity, learn more about our WAVE services.

Office Connectivity Check

Check your address for fiber-to-the-office connectivity services.
We deliver 1-10Gb optical connectivity to business locations in The Netherlands.

Data Center Interconnect

Configure and request connectivity services between data centers.

International locations or interfaces including SDH, SONET and Fibre Channel, get in touch at sales@afiber.net