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Flexibility in high-performance optical connectivity

Single and multiple wavelength connections can be routed to data centers and customer locations, delivering flexibility and the highest performance for your network and applications.

  • EthernetWAVE
    High performance DWDM connection with Ethernet interfaces (1310nm) at speeds of 1, 10, 40 and 100Gbps. Transparent for Ethernet, low latency, 100% throughput, highly reliable and extremely cost-effective compared to carrier Ethernet services. High-availability options include predefined redundancy paths, dynamic redundancy paths and 1+1 redundancy.


  • TransWAVE
    Lit Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) connection with optional signal regeneration and/or transponding. Offers a variety of interfaces including up to 200Gbps DWDM, up to 100GbE, Fiber Channel and SDH. High-availability options include pre-defined redundancy paths, dynamic redundancy paths and 1+1 redundancy.


  • CarrierWAVE
    Unlit Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) connection with amplification. Supports DWDM channels of 10, 100 and 200Gbps. High-availability options include pre-defined redundancy paths and 1+1 redundancy.


  • WAVESpectrum
    Offering a flexible spectrum (Flexgrid) to next-generation optical carriers looking for hyper-flexible and hyper-efficient network extensions.


  • AccessWAVE
    1-10Gb private wavelength connection from customer location or business site to service providers and data centers


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On-net services can be configured below, for custom requests get in touch with our sales engineers at sales@afiber.net

Dark and Lit Wavelength Services


  • Our network provides access to over 50 data centers as well as 1,500 office locations, network service providers and global carriers
  • High-bandwidth, stable performance of DWDM combined with the scalability and flexibility of Ethernet
  • Reliability of DWDM combined with extensive high-availability capabilities, including automatic re-routing in case of network failure
  • Extensive monitoring on the physical and optical layer with carrier-grade equipment prevent downtime

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For more information on WAVE services contact sales@afiber.net or call +31 20 22 50 025

Does your network design requires dark fiber connectivity? Find out more about our FIBER services.

Niels Raijer – Founder at Fusix Networks
Our team is 100% dedicated to providing the highest quality and standards. But in order to succeed sometimes unorthodox approaches are needed and ‘our’ way may not always be the easiest. That’s exactly why our partners and customers love what we do. With AFIBER we have developed a strong cooperation using their high bandwidth fiber optical network combined with our IP/ISP services enabling our customers enterprise grade services with low latency and high reliability.

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We deliver 1-10Gb optical connectivity to business locations in The Netherlands.

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Contact us for international locations or interfaces such as SDH, SONET, HD-SDI, Fibre Channel and L1 optical encryption.